Here you can find information on my papers submitted for review and my recent paper projects.

I am particularly interested in research on Comparative Political Institutions and Quantitative Text Analysis with an emphasis on Judicial Politics, Judicial Public Relations and Political Communication.

Under Review

  • Meyer, Philipp. Transparency and strategic promotion: How court press releases facilitate judicial agenda-setting in Germany. Manuscript submitted after revise and resubmit in Journal of Public Policy.
  • Meyer, Philipp. Discussing case law and promoting the rule of law: reports on bilateral court meetings as a novel data source to assess transjudicial communication. Under Review.
  • Meisel, Frank, Catherine Cleophas, Christoph Hönnige, and Philipp Meyer. Who’s cheating? Mining patterns of collusion from text and events in online exams. Under Review.
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Paper Projects

  • Meyer, Philipp. Open justice at apex courts. A new perspective for comparative research on courts.
  • Meyer, Philipp, Thomas Gschwend, Benjamin Engst and David Gundermanns. Institutional determinants of court deadlines.

  • Hönnige, Christoph, Dominic Nyhuis, Susumu Shikano, Philipp Köker and Philipp Meyer. Leave means leave: The link between MPs Brexit position and newspaper mentions.

  • Hönnige, Christoph, Philipp Meyer, Christine Allison Rothmayr and Sylvain Brouard. Institutional Friction in High Court Policy Agendas: Comparing France, Canada and Germany.

  • Meyer, Philipp and Christoph Hönnige. The missing link between the legislative and the judicial agenda: Does the German parliament shape the policy agenda of the German Federal Constitutional Court?